Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Were We Thinking?

"What Were We Thinking?

Try to turn it off
But it's hard to see
Through this emptiness
Slowly breaking me
Maybe hurt me just a little less
Then I can start to breathe
But still your heart is out of reach

What were we thinking?
And what will we do now?
Right now
Right now
Right now

The sun hasn't shined today at all
A funny thing
You haven't called
Tell me why
Or should I be asking?
How would I respond to it all?
Times were good
I wish you were around more
I can feel you at my door
But it's not youIt's someone else
What can I do?
What did we do?

Just walk away
See it can't ever be

Oh, what would we do now?
We carried on making our mistakes
Thinking our love was free
Now you've taken part of me
Right now

What were we thinking?

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