Wednesday, March 21, 2007

hi world

I am safe. I am happy. I moved out of my house to somewhere safe, somewhere that i can rest and breathe, somewhere that I can miss you safely.
I'm really sorry for hurting you. I cant help but think of you all day. I pray that you are ok.
Anyway I love it here. I am protected and loved. I hope you can see me here one day coz I am smiling here. I wanna share the peace with you. Come lie with me and rest. I cried coz i dunnoe where you are. It sounds silly but true.

To all my friends who cant contact me, tough luck. my phone line is cut off.

1 comment:

snookie said...

hmm.. dear yq! we all love u! really! for the person u just are! hope u heal quick and fast alrite? take care. keep in contact!