Thursday, March 15, 2007

EEeeeee Yq is going gaga again!

For the past few mornings, I have been staring at my phone. My heart will be aching to fire him an sms or dial his number to well just hear his voice. But then I will chicken out. Not because I dun miss him enough. But because I dun wanna appear too eager. Everybody knows Yq plays it cool. But no one knows that his heart races whenever his phone vibrates. No one knows that he says a littl prayer before looking at his phone, hoping to see his name on display. No one knows that he does a little dance in the office, wriggling his butt whenever it's him. Nobody knows that he retypes every reply twice so as to appear funnier/more interesting. Nobody knows he paces around the office till he replies.

I still am crazy over him anyway. He's stupid and smart. He's loud and quiet. He's short yet tall in my eyes. Definitely a keeper.

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