Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Well I haven't been updating. Not that I'm lazy but really nothing is happening in my life right now. I feel sad after reading Euphe's blog. I wish I can tell her wad love is all about but I am equally clueless. I wish I can find my special someone soon. But I know I am not searching hard enough and I'm terribly shy in front of strangers. It was so easy in gay world when people just come up to me and introduce themselves. In straight world, it's a different ball game together. I shy away from girls because they are just so scary you know. I love the loud,bitchy ones but I just lack the balls to approach them.
Fuck it. I just read Sarah Chian's blog too and I felt depressed for a sec. Why cant she see how talented she is? And I cant possibly tell her that or else she might get the wrong idea. But boy this girl really rocks and I wish the whole world can see it.
Anyway CNY juz passed and well there is really nothing to look forward to. Right now I'm heading to the gym regularly, trying desperately to lose some weight so that I can look hot in a pair of trunks and join NUS waterpolo team.
I miss the past. I wish everything was like the jc days again. I remember laughing my guts out like almost every second.
Oh ya I had a weird dream last night. I had a really really good bod in my dream and I was dancing to Beyonce's Upgrade You to someone in bed. Just that I cant remember who the stranger was...but damn now the song is stuck in my head..let me let me upgrade you

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