Thursday, March 22, 2007

i don't know how to love you when you're already gone

Sometimes although you know it's gone for good
and part of you knows it ain't ever coming back
part of you also wishes it will.
Well then baby, that translates to the long goodbye.
I guess it's goodbye for forever my love.
or what you once were and used to be.
and memories still flash in my head
here and there
now and then
and sometimes
just sometimes
at my most vulnerable
or perhaps susceptible
i'd still shed a tear or two for you
although i know you don't really care.
cos you're happy now.
and i'm happy you're happy.
but now and then
just sometimes
you'll never know this
but i still do think of you
sometimes i feel pain and heartache
and i'd cry
sometimes i don't feel a thing
just silent moving pictures in my head
or movie stills from photographs
particularly that one we took at the bus stop
and i dont think you'll ever know which
but just that one
i think it was the first we ever took
all innocence and naivety
and then i'd think about it
and heave a sigh
and then i'd keep a straight face
blinking once or twice
from the memory
and move on with my life
and whatever i was supposed to do.

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