Thursday, March 22, 2007

The 10 Things

The Things You Should Never Do After Being Dumped

1) Cry in the cab coz some smart alec driver will immediately give some horrible advice and you will feel ten times worse.

2) Listen to sappy love songs like "The Sweetest Sin". SERIOUSLY????

3) Visit the person's blog and look at photos and cry again.

4) Think of revenge like scratching his car. Like come on, you want him to think that it's his loss. Instead he will be happy that he got rid of a nut case.

5) Call him, only to find out that he changed his number without telling you.

6) Call your ex and he comes over to pick you up and you realise it's not him you wanna see. And you feel fucking miserable again and you need to lie to take a rain check.

7) Drink. Coz you will drink more than you should and get fat and then he will definitely not want you back.

8) Attempt to make dinner. Instead wait for your home mates to get back.

9) Message his friends to take care of him. Coz seriously he was the one who dumped you and you are the one who is suicidal, not him and his friends will probably think you are nuts anyway.

10) Wear your sexiest nike shorts and blog coz you will feel like an ultimate loser.

11) Wait for nothing to happen. Enuff said.

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