Friday, March 16, 2007

I don't mind you telling me
What's been on your mind lately
I don't mind you speaking up
I know sometimes
I can beAll wrapped up and into me
I can be in such a rush
Just slow me
Tell me tomorrow everything will be around
Just slow me down
You're the one that keeps me on the ground
Baby you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do it with love love love love
Tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do it with love love love
I can take your honesty
All your words weigh heavily
Listening to you all the time
I want to be there for you
The way you've been there for me
Always help me walk the line
Just slow me down
I know you will always be around
All this time we thought we knew eachother
Now that I am leaning on your shoulder
I can tell you baby that
You're right when you're right
andYou're wrong when you're wrong
andI can be weak '
cause I know you are strong
Just do it with loveJust do it with love love love loveJust do it with love

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