Thursday, March 22, 2007


tell me, how can one be so obssesed with someone you don't even like
and i look back to before it all started;

before it all happened
and i wish i never met you.
wish we never got together,
but remained as friends

i wish that perhaps,i could turn back time
and start all over again
not now
but maybe later
if there ever is a later
when you do come back
if you ever go.

i wish i took more pictures of you
though i have many already
pictures are memories
that serve to remind me
that you were real
that you occurred
and you happened
and you were beautiful
and i loved you.

even in the depths of the night on a starry 2050 evening
just as i fall concious for the one last time.
there has never been a day
when i have not stopped thinking about you
missing you
and i wish i were myself before
for i am now nothing
but a shell.
funny though
how you could get used to anything
although i didn't go home today.

and i wish you loved me.
and i wish you'll love me.
and i wish you still do.
but i know you don't.
but baby,nothing to fret about,

cos' i'll be conditioned to missing you.

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