Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i'd do anything to preserve these memories

for as long as they last.

now it's just them and me

and no one else.

yes i'm a loser and a wimp

and i'd give up my pride

just to hear you reject me once again.

and i should really stop it

but i don't know how to

i keep staring at your old blog

the one with photos

and although the hurt's not as bad

as when I was at St James and saw your car

You denied me salvation

but i realise

i'm grieving because of how much i love you.

and you may not ever realise this

but don't you ever

find that


for some people

the brain, the heart and the body don't work together

and i know it's no excuse

and i'm not trying to justify anything

Tyler Leow Yu Qing, shut up.

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