Sunday, April 1, 2007

the want to be loved.

"i wish you hadn't played with my heart," someone said.
i'm sorry.
but i never loved you.

and it shatters me to know that
perhaps Desmond never loved me too.

love is only love when it's mutual i suppose.some people yearn to be loved. but has it ever occurred to you that even if this other person would die and give up the world for you, but you just don't love him back, it isn't love no more?

i didn't even flinch when that someone cried.
only because i didn't feel a thing.
i felt so hollow and empty inside.

i know it's cruel to be so cold but i really don't feel a thing.
i'm sorry i used you.
i thought i could stop loving him
but it seems that i can't.

i once loved this boy with all my heart
and i think he loved me with all of his too.

i still love him now.
but he don't anymore.

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