Monday, April 2, 2007


i am unsettled and my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and conflicts. i have found the one. or have i? the one. my only one. yes, my soulmate. and i should be contented. settled. yet i find my days without him unanchored. perhaps this is how it should be. makes sense doesnt it? without the soulmate, there is no soul. and on days when there are no soul, i find my body and mind seeking for novelty and adventure. but i don't wanna be hooked onto this novelty. and i am tired of adventure. but now that i have opened pandora's box, i have to account for my actions. be responsible. but what am i to do?

browsing through a few old photos from 3 years back online, i find that i have changed much. or haven't i? reading what i wrote, looking back at me then, i find myself falling off a precipice from what i am now. i thought i could move on. or so i thought. i am unsettled. i have no form.the inertiaof being

i feel like

i am just a living and breathing human being

my thoughts and my emotions are separate from what i do and
how my body functions.

i guess
there is always this eternal conflict between the mind and the soul
yet which is which?

i cannot tell.
i am random
and i rant.

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