Monday, April 16, 2007


We've passed the red light

And I've got no fight

Moving in a mad rush

No limit I can't stop

We're into overdrive

Hopelessly into you

Cause you know how to

Unwrap my feelings 'til

I’ve Opened up from inside

No reason to be shy

Every reason to be mine

Nothing's really sane but everything’s amazing

Slowly taking over me

Baby have you noticed, the sky is rearranging

I feel it move in me

Oh, the ground beneath us trembles and we fall

So I wonder, will we fall?

Cause I don't want to be alone

Caught up in a spiral

I tremble and rush

The moment we touch

Breaking out a hot sweat's

As good as it gets

I can’t get enough

Fall into a head space

Deep into a new place

Spinning out of control

You should know I don’t want to be safe

Every reason to be mine

It feels like I'm shaking up

Took all cool to fight it up

Uh uh

All I am is mesmerized

Mmh Mmh

Can’t believe what’s happening


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