Monday, April 16, 2007


i guess i'm stuck in a kind of limbo.

today would probably be
or rather
is probably the happiest day of my life

so far
i haven't smiled like that in a long while.
but oh well
good things don't last long for me

i suppose this is just one of God's way of showing me his light
of answering my long lost prayer
just one day
one day and i'd be contented.

i'm really grateful for that
thankyou very much,i hope it lasts.
well even if it doesnt
at least i have been this thorough in my emotions,for once
on the positive side.
then again
i am stuck in a kind of limbo
a gentle but sometimes jagged kind of flux

have i moved on?
i have moved on.
from what?
to what?
from a myriad of issues to an even more perplexing myriad of issues.

for now,this is the horizon
and this is the happiest day of my life
where all innocence prevails

when i smiled for once
sincerely from my heart
like a child
finding joy
in an amusing bucket of sand.

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