Monday, April 16, 2007

morbid thoughts

it's as if everything is calm and peaceful on the surface
yet i'm trying to find something more
something more deep inside
and i dont know what it is

its as if there's lots of turmoil wrapped within
a whole load of junk
the jumble
then again so much emotion
so much emptiness

i don't know which is which
perhaps i've got a split personality
hahathe idea is ludicrous
but it is not impossible

manipulatedby what others think
what others say
that's so shallow i know
tell me all you want
but i am stubborn
and i am frank
and i will let you know thus
so filled with hatred
so happy on the surface


i dont say mean things
i dont insult
i try to be as kind as possible
the world loves mean people

i dont hate my life
i adore it
i just hate whats going on in it
the people in it
the happenings
some people pretend
so people can adore them

i dont want to pretend
im sick of pretending
i just wanna be my sick morbid self

i dont wanna be a bastard
dont wanna be a slut
dont wanna party the way i do
dont wanna
becausei am just not like that

i think
i think because i know
i know that i am not.
i am empty

its tiringto be so guarded all the time
goddamn it all

fuck it all
white roses on a grave
yellow roses on a grave
red roses on a grave
black roses on a grave

sometimes maybe sunny daffodils

they're not my cuppa tea
colourful geberas
occasionally then


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