Friday, October 19, 2007

Mended by you

I tried to make it work and I have learned the hardest way. I lost him in the end and when it was over,I turned my back on love.
I switched of at the mains and refuse to function.
I cried night and day.

You came up I swear that it was just like something from the movie scene. When we met, we connected. I never expected you’d be everything to me.

You are, everything I want to see and nothing that I wanna lose. With you I feel like I would never break.

I’ve been mended by you.
You’re the reason that I wanna stay and to go to places that I wanna go

He never held me close. You never let me go. Just when I lost the fights you were my soldier.

And now we are sitting here in such a different place

April 14th
Do you remember?

I've been mended by you.

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