Monday, October 22, 2007

First Day of Field Camp

Swollen eyes

No better to let you see them now

My wasted heart
Will never learn todrive the demon down

When you love the devil
You sell your soul
And it's hard to make him go


I am tonight

So give me false hope and promise me
you'll try to redeem yourself for the hundredth time

Lie to me if you must my dear

Give me a reason to have you here
Giving false hope allows me to still believe
In this powerful love that's consuming me

I'm hooked on a drug that steals my pride
It's hard not to seem
So undignified

It terrifies me
to think I'm not the only one

You'd be surprised
How much I cry when you are gone

When your angel's the devil
Your church is a tomb

But I need to be with you

I am addicted to the pleasure and the pain you give

I'm undignified
Enough for two

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