Sunday, September 23, 2007

So What

Yes one dose of you
Will have me addicted

And I know what you have been through
For me

And they say
I'm a slut
I'm a whore
I'm a freak
I got a different guy everyday of the week

You are too smart
And you would be a dummy to believe
That stuff that you heard that they say about me

Its only been 5 months
And i already got it bad
So good that i keep on comin back

My ex-friends tellin me i dont know how to act
but im tellin them
" bye! fall back..."

So when i had a good girl
She didnt do that much for me
Tried so hard but she could never be
The one for me

I can hear your call
It jus takes one call
And I'll come running
Boy i promise i will be there for you
All my heart it belongs to you

I cant lose you, boy
I just cant leave you alone

They say
You are gay
You are trouble
And we are a mistake
We ain't gonna have a future
And we ain't gonna have kids
I will be discriminated in Uni.

Find somebody else

So what?

So what?

So what?

Some people don't like it
Coz we hang out in the streets
But you're my boyfriend
You've always been here for me
This love is serious
No matter what people think

I'm gonna be here for ya
And I don't care what they say



rong said...

yu are so in love. :)

rong said...
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Ashley said...

ay, i have your back. love you.