Thursday, August 16, 2007

what is left?

so it all happened
and now it's all beginning.

i wonder,or is it?
i promise i wont restrict you.
so we may start afresh.
or does it work this way at all?

the closeness.the nearness.i am undeniably attracted to you
for all reasons i presume
i wasn't
in the first place
but now i feel so

each time i look at you,
each time i stare at you and into
your cute little brown eyes
that sense of attachment
slowly but surely beginning to form
i could tell you
i love youbut deep down
i am unsure
i am insecure
do you love me too?

i see signs that tell otherwise
and your friends tell me too
but of coursei follow my heart

the passion when we make love
all that warmth
and at the end of it all

when it all ends
when i walk out


after it all
tell me

What is left?

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