Saturday, August 4, 2007


Dieting is a lot like relationships. What we're looking for in a relationship and what we're prepared to put into it influence the kind of relationship it will be. Quick-fix diets are the equivalent of a one-night stand: you get what you want fast and it feels great - but it doesn't last. You may hope for something a little more permanent but inevitably you soon realize that the man or woman of your dreams isn't all you thought they'd be and your interest wanes. Similarly, that "revolutionary" new diet that was going to get the weight off, once and for all, soon becomes a slog and leaves you feeling disillusioned and disappointed.

Now think of a long-term relationship. Anyone who has experienced a good, lasting partnership knows that it involves a bit of work and upkeep. It's not always earth-shatteringly exciting, and there are inevitably problems along the way, but it feels right, it makes you happy and, most of all, it feels like a permanent part of your life. That doesn't mean it doesn't evolve along the way, however. More than likely, both parties change, or circumstances change, and a period of adjustment follows. The likelihood of long-term success is determined by how you navigate this sometimes tricky road.

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