Thursday, February 22, 2007

wholesome night

Last night. my mom cooked up a feast. Aunty Christine and Irene, Uncle Gan and Ron were invited. I asked Geraldine to tag along too. Dinner was really awesome and the soup was juz haha WHOA. I'm glad Geraldine likes my mom's cooking

After dinner, Gerrie and me went to watch Dreamgirls like FINALLY. Haha and like Ah bengs and Ah Lians, we raised our legs and rested them on the seats in front of us. Dreamgirls was really awesome and I was singing along to all the songs. MOVE MOVE MOVE OUTTA MY LIFE. AND I AM TELLING YOU I'M NOT GOING!!!!!I AM CHANGING!!!!!!!LISTEN TO THE VOICE HERE IN MY HEART!ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!

Well Gerrie rested her head on my chest and I was terrified that she could hear my accelerated heartbeat. It's cool watching a movie with a girl you have a mad crush on.

After the movie, we went to Coffee Club for hot chocolate.

Tonight I'm going to Yew Tee Community Center to well serve the elderly their reunion dinner along with Gerrie and Euphuie. Maybe after that, I will watch Paris je t'aime and Epic movie.MaYbe I will tell her how much I like her then. Maybe.

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