Monday, February 26, 2007

48 hrs

In the past 48 hrs

I have visited Joyce at the hospital.

Wrestled Euphe on her bed. Very fun I must say.

Talked to this really really cute half ang mo neighbour of mine. He's really really gorgeous.

Found out that Joyce's dad is reading my blog and have been telling some rather untrue stuff to my parents about me.

Went to the gym*GASPS*

Went for a massage immediately after gym because I ache all over.

Watched the new Andy Lau film.

I still find the ang mo neighbour of mine really cute. He hasnt kissed anyboy before and was never in a r's because he's too shy. Tt's so cute!!!!

Rejected Gerrie when she asked me out coz I just didnt feel up to it which is weird. gonna talk about it with Euphe.

I realised Euphe shpuld always and must always be my pillow buddy because she straightens out all my thoughts and feelings. I feel quite lucky to have met her each time I meet her. Erm I guess i will treat her to the next dinner or hint hint she can cook.

I am having daddy instincts and I just wished I will have a daughter in maybe 5 yr's time