Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everybody's changing

These few weeks have been weird.

I fell in love with a girl I swear I hated in Tj

My best friend became this lesbian whore and this scares me,even though I am pretty much active in the gay scene, or at least used to be.

Euphe is once again my friend and I feel nothing but love for her, even though we met online, even though she can take me down anytime, even though her legs are thicker than mine.

My relationship with my parents are improving.

My nieces and nephews all ten of them still demand piggy back rides,sessions of catching and hide & seek from me. They still love me.

I introduced the girl that i have a slight crush on to my parents and they love her though she appeared in FHM in skimpy bikinis.

I haven thought of sex since like forever.

It's been hell of a ride. I do miss Joyce. I want her back. I am so sick of going to her house to look at her parents cry. I feel partly responsible. I wish I knew how to comfort them. But I forgot how I controlled myself in the world of temptation. I have sinned but I had my limits. I don't sleep around. I can count the number of times I have been drunk with my five fingers. Yes Joyce, your hubby was once havoc but he turned out pretty well because he didn't let loose completely. I wish I had taught you that before I let you go on a rampage.

I love Euphe. She really rocks my world. I like it when she said I wasnt so messed up anymore. I feel that I have grown a little. To not be so emo. To not let emotions get into my head. I no longer club to get rid of the loneliness. I realised how much I missed her during hanging out at her house. And I think our friendship is the coolest thing ever because I dun have to pretend to be interesting and be this boring old fart and she will still love me anyway. Or pretend she does haha!

And I still wonder how come Alvy can eat so much.

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