Friday, June 29, 2007

HE is

It's the only explanation
To the question at hand

Like years of pain gone away
In a single day

There's nothing that compares
To the way
You make me feel inside

And I'm so glad you're my...
Prince charming, my angel
My king and my friend
My lover, my one

He is, he is
The beat in my heart
The kiss on my lips
My lover, my one

He is, he is

They could take away my looks
My everything
But as long as you stay
Here with meI would be OK

I look at you
And I see me

Just reflections of the love you made with me
And I'm so glad you want to be my
My sun, my shine
My heart, my mind

He is everything i need
I gotta love you like no one has ever loved before
I gotta give you what you gave baby so much more
I wanna take it fast, but I want to take it slow
Addicted to your love and I can't let go

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