Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last Post

I first saw you at PLAY!
I know my heart and it will never change.

I thought I found some kind of fairytale.

We screamed and shouted and tried to make us last.

Though it didn't work out,
I don't love you any less.

You are a special lover.
Sometimes I could only touch a ghost.

I'm a sycophantic courtier with an elegant repost.

In spite of that,
You were the one I needed most.
Cause the only one I would come undone is you.

Still I'm not the boy for you.

Well I have learnt to accept that
Perhaps some melodies are better left undone.

Your words circle in my head.
They weigh so heavy on my chest.
And I'm crushed by your expectations.

When my hand was in yours,
My heart was pure.

Fools like me,
We love blindly, foolishly and fiercely.

At least I can say I was not afraid.
I loved you all the way.
I would pick the fool I was any day.

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