Sunday, November 4, 2007

Always be my baby

If you were me
What would u do?
Always a lie
And never the truth

Now as for me,I'm movin on
You'll always be my baby

I just gotta let you go for now
Though I could take a while,
Maybe we can make it back around

Anything that I want
I can get it boy
But you know you are the only one that can turn me on and on,
That's why I switch my frame of mind
Always there when you call,
Always on time

I'm looking forward to spread my wings and party
For everything and for everbody

I need my space
My time alone

It's like our hearts don't match no more

Still anything that u want u can get it boy
You know I still got love for you
In court I plead the Fifth

When you didn't love me
You were probably thinking I won't sense a thing
But love is funny and it can catch up with lies
You can't look me straight in the eyes

I'm not suprised
That you hurt me baby
But why me baby?

Just let me breath in and I'll fly free babe

If you were me,
What would you do?
No security
No promises

You will always be my baby.

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