Monday, July 23, 2007

Song for Tyler

You're gone, now,
I feel fine
14 months,
yeah I feel fine
What about you?
I betcha been cryin'
I bet ya been goin around town lyin

I'm moving' fast
I feel so fine
I got Destiny's Child singin' Lose My Breath to me
I know every line

sittin' here at my spot
I look up to my right, and there you are
Sat there with some new girl, what is this?
Let's cut to it
With my friend for lunch
I was feelin' on top of the world
and I just got a hunch
That you were sat behind my back
didn't need to turn 'round
I felt sick at the thought
you're laughing loud

Sat there with some new girl,
what is this?
Don't panic, panic
Tyler don't be erratic
That's who has replaced me
what a diss !
Don't panic, panic
Don't act too manic, manic
It's a sure fine way to ruin my day

Just as soon as I'm on top of my life
there you are again
But don't react now,
you can't go back now
Don't panic, panic,
Tyler just look ahead now

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